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#NothingCanStopUs is now on @kickstarter! Help SUPPORT #livemusic and contribute/SHARE! Be part of my journey!… https://t.co/w604lbxICT
RT @BlackNewsOutlet: A sci-fi drama, Little Apple, about a 9-year-old Black girl growing up in new Harlem, N.Y. goes to Kickstarter https://t.co/82rjlDGDm7
RT @kickstarter: .@futureislands talks to @thecreativeindp about *not* being an overnight success: https://t.co/HjzeXwTzaJ https://t.co/PGWq4FKpKI
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And we hit the 10K mark for our #NothingCanStopUs @kickstarter campaign! Please RT and DONATE!… https://t.co/0ZBWN8cBRL
@kickstarter UPDATE: We are nearing the 10K mark, & need your help! Please DONATE and RT! https://t.co/LYhbtWPQDi https://t.co/n6eZ3M6SWs
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We're almost to 10K! We need all hands on deck! Pls RT our @kickstarter link. Let's make some music! 🎬🎸… https://t.co/Pp9W9cCLV9
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@NissanDTLA @CrazyCleanUp @JuanTheOnlyOne_ @Mohammad8570 Ha, yes! Sounds like a plan!
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We're more than half way to our @kickstarter goal! Please DONATE/SHARE and get us to our encore!… https://t.co/M0PPbZ77dZ
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RT @BBCAcademy: Happy #worldmusicday! Want to learn secrets of mixing a live music session for radio? Then you're in luck...… https://t.co/7r1gp5huZB
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Celebrated #rockdads today. There are so many talents out there who have passed their knowledge on to their kids.… https://t.co/1cydinAJwl
Sounds perfect! #U2 https://t.co/DLvcwyfUyX
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RT @TotesNewsworthy: Top Binge Watching Rock ‘n Roll Documentaries on Hulu on and Netflix #RockAndRoll #Music #Documentaries https://t.co/4waLAIiwIk
RT @frasermartin: The 25 greatest rock music documentaries of all time https://t.co/ykYXUD7mPz https://t.co/ypmD2t0nXE
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@bourbonroad @thehotelcafe @Greek_Theatre @theforum @wiltern @RoseBowlStadium @FondaTheatre Yes! There are too many to list!
RT @bourbonroad: @marvin_glover @thehotelcafe @Greek_Theatre @theforum @wiltern @RoseBowlStadium I like @FondaTheatre a lot.
@erinfoyLA @thehotelcafe Awesome! Please do! Looking fwd to it.
@erinfoyLA Thx for the follow, Erin! We'd love if you could share our campaign/write about us! We shot a music doc in LA at @thehotelcafe!
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RT @amoebamusic: We're giving away a box for 4 to see @bryanferry perform with an orchestra at the @HollywoodBowl Aug 26! Enter here… https://t.co/T3s3udOIB7
#FBF to the time I partied w/ @BillyIdol. 🔥Many stories to tell, so SUPPORT our @kickstarter to hear more!… https://t.co/5HCjTroqQ7
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Our #music #doc, #NothingCanStopUs, is close to hitting the 50% mark! Pls DONATE 💸, SHARE ♻️, & spread the WORD! 🗣… https://t.co/y2MjytfsH2
RT @EW: 'Score: A Film Music Documentary' is a most melodious film-history lecture. Our review: https://t.co/8Ptirj1nqd https://t.co/9uMFXTYof3
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RT @ColorstormKid: Once you have that one intimate moment with live music your life is literally never the same
RT @billboard: Why @whereisMUNA opening for @Harry_Styles on tour is a step in the right direction for inclusivity in live music… https://t.co/nz966NjsKX
@NissanDTLA Doing well! Just rocking and rolling trying to fund our music doc. How abt u guys?
@kickstarter @thehotelcafe Please RT! We had such a great time shooting at The Hotel Cafe! Your venue holds a speci… https://t.co/gNnhZSDdCD
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Here I am w/ drummer #DaleCarlson, who I began the journey with & who is in #NothingCanStopUs, & Andy Singer from… https://t.co/vqamrNPGSA
Here I am w/ drummer #Dale Carlson, who I began the journey with & who is in #NothingCanStopUs, & Andy Singer from… https://t.co/2xB8x5SQ20
We hit $5000! Thank you! Let's keep going! #NothingCanStopUs https://t.co/LYhbtWPQDi https://t.co/8nQMllYxLX
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#NothingCanStopUs is now on @kickstarter! Help SUPPORT #livemusic and contribute/SHARE! Be part of my journey!… https://t.co/jS8qrkVWQ7
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#NothingCanStop us is now on @kickstarter! Help SUPPORT #livemusic and contribute/SHARE! Be part of my journey!… https://t.co/n7AwjBP4gB
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Help make it happen for PerFIcT- The Social Fitness App https://t.co/hoSdoaDXR1 #indiegogo via @indiegogo
@LApicks Hey hey! We actually filmed this show and the final cut/doc is on @kickstarter! Please RT! https://t.co/LYhbtWPQDi @thehotelcafe
RT @changeevermore: From @LastCallMurrays , @marvin_glover 's amazing song. https://t.co/edMjpu58bJ
#FBF Good times ✨ https://t.co/ciVpEDJCxe
@LAMusicBlog Hey there! We'd love if you could share our @kickstarter project! Our doc was shot at @thehotelcafe & celebrates local music.
RT @Phil_Lewis_: Detroit honors 'Queen of Soul' Aretha Franklin with street named in her honor. "I'm gonna dance down it!"… https://t.co/83YOtTXD1G
We're almost at 25%! ✨🎉✨ My #documentary #film "Nothing Can Stop Us" is now on @kickstarter! Pls SUPPORT & SHARE!!… https://t.co/6xwS51HcZW
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RT @yelyahwilliams: convinced there's almost nothing that playing live music doesn't make better. really thankful today for that.
RT @nationalpost: Film geeks can tap their toes to the strains of Jaws and Star Wars with Score: A Film Music Documentary… https://t.co/Yrv6L7mpjr
RT @BraddJaffy: I read this headline the same way Oprah says “John Travollllltaaaa” L.A.: @mattdpearce at a yoga/Comey watch part… https://t.co/K45MONw4mE
TBT to our gig at @thehotelcafe! Our #doc #film was shot at this magical venue & is on @kickstarter! Pls SUPPORT!… https://t.co/saoSrKX3Td
RT @bbcmusic: The incredible @BBCTwo documentary that will change the way you listen to @thebeatles Sgt Pepper 🎵 https://t.co/kUYgcGHsCB
RT @SonyLegacyRecs: “American Epic is more than a music documentary, this is history” - @eltonofficial Learn more about @AmericanEpic:… https://t.co/pyHUCG1srA
Wow! This is gorgeous! https://t.co/KI1NDslXli
RT @people: Vince Gill to Help Fill the Hole Left By Glenn Frey at the Eagles’ Upcoming Concerts https://t.co/JN9jpe5qsY
#NothingCanStopUs is now on @kickstarter! 🎬Join our #musical journey and DONATE! https://t.co/LYhbtWPQDi #livemusic… https://t.co/j5WjhZsalS
RT @SmallGuyPromo13: This was awesome! I was impressed by #OmahaStreetPercussion today. #Music #LiveMusic #Omaha #SGPromo https://t.co/BtVTCEqAGH
RT @steventeaster: Support live music https://t.co/tWkG1xzTfl
RT @BestLiveMusic_: Liam Gallagher, Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland performing "Live Forever" at the #OneLoveMachester benefit concert https://t.co/sqqBmLPAQb
What moment inspired us to kick off a @kickstarter campaign? This one! Join me on my journey and please DONATE!… https://t.co/TAnwvelBbK
RT @SoundDessert: "83% of millennials leave with a greater trust for brands that support a live music experience." https://t.co/DuTMAmvz5K
RT @DutchCajonist: Graham: Cornell, Grande show importance of live music - The Detroit News https://t.co/c72k7ur17R #TDC
RT @dizzleartistdan: The refurbished Los Angeles State Historic Park could become one of the city's best spots for live music… https://t.co/IjLadIzw3s
RT @VictorCKnight: Amazon moves into UK live music starting with Blondie London gig https://t.co/6FhEsVBxEj https://t.co/uCD3z0gBN4
RT @caroline_FH: Can Spatial 3D Audio Reinvent Live Music? https://t.co/GPkd3SEqYB #wisdom #franchise https://t.co/Ofe2XK1Phw
RT @regionalatbestl: "we've felt the power of live music (...) we know nothing is ever gonna take that away" https://t.co/tiNJ3ad4VG
RT @Variety: .@ArianaGrande sings ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ to #OneLoveManchester (Watch) https://t.co/XzG1v6r0Z3 https://t.co/IdzWFUt0ig
RT @CNN: "50, 000 people moving and singing as one...it's quite incredible, " says @PhilBlackCNN at Manchester benefit concert https://t.co/diL0zOXYvs
RT @marvin_glover: #NothingCanStop us is now on @kickstarter! Help SUPPORT #livemusic and contribute/SHARE! Be part of my journey!… https://t.co/m61pMt3J5K
@MichelleNBCLA Hi Michelle! Love your taste in music. Pls check us out!
RT @CNET: Is recorded music better than live music -- or is it the other way around? https://t.co/8SNNA7t2Wv https://t.co/6ftW2eMNjl
#NothingCanStop us is now on @kickstarter! Help SUPPORT #livemusic and contribute/SHARE! Be part of my journey!… https://t.co/m61pMt3J5K
@kickstarter @youhadmeatblack Keep telling your stories! Looking forward to hearing more.
RT @ndennis_benn: It's official!!The Well-Read Black Girl Writers' Conference & Festival by Glory Edim — Kickstarter @wellreadblkgirl https://t.co/pM69kYTMdB
@kickstarter @BklynDeep Congrats, @BklynDeep!!!
RT @kickstrtrmusic: Join @OpenScore in making sheet music interactive, free, and accessible to all: https://t.co/BfnyPSYDDY https://t.co/rfeGXEmxZn
@TedGardner5262 Thanks for all the love, Ted! Hope your weekend is sweet!
RT @bourbonroad: Nothing Can Stop Us - Music Documentary | a backstage pass to Marvin Glover's life https://t.co/2cU6Pkn9Ol via @marvin_glover
RT @WCombsAssoc: Nothing Can Stop Us - Music Documentary | a backstage pass to Marvin Glover's life https://t.co/l7HDmyuQG0 via @marvin_glover
RT @marlawhite: Thrilled 2 welcome @marvin_glover +his biopic #Nothingcanstopus 2 the #WHPR client roster. Check out his journey at https://t.co/dceLDJMcjd.
@WCombsAssoc Thanks so much, Wayne! ✨🎥🎤✨
@bourbonroad Thanks for sharing, Joe! ✨
I'm happy 2 announce that "Downward Hiro" is an "Official Selection" for the Cayman Islands International Film Fest… https://t.co/dHGstMUvkG
Marvin Glover attends the 43rd Annual Seattle International Film Festival. https://t.co/Viv7qmFDZx
Robert Romani nominated Best Actor Finalists for the 2017 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge. Congratulations Robert! #Eastersealssocal
We have 24 hours 2 get our final view in. Don't let up! Thx for watching! @Easter_Seals #disabilityfilmchallenge https://t.co/f4UByuWR0S
Short Film Challenge Raising Awareness of Disabilities https://t.co/4rGaLTGuyH via @rareDR
RT @TinaDesireeBerg: Nerdtastic! #UCIpride #UCI #ZOT #ZotHard @UCIAA @marvin_glover https://t.co/iSsY7l1lGE
Huge thx 2 everyone that viewed, shared & commented on our short film. Here's a nice write up about our project! https://t.co/Hpd3baqqUT
@enriqueskincare Any recommendations
Downward Hiro was nominated in the Best Short film category!!!! #sdbff #indiefilm #producer https://t.co/cn9UDrMInZ
@komonews you should be covering this! https://t.co/HZjyL6KGrn
Please watch "Living Hell" a comedy short film 4 the @Easter_Seals #disabilityfilmchallenge Plz RT https://t.co/f4UByuWR0S
RIP Jonathan Demme! Your legacy will remain firmly intact. "The Silence of the Lambs" and "Philadelphia." Shaped… https://t.co/v93CikjVyz
Thomas Wesson, Peter Sasaki, Kelly Perine & Marvin Glover at the NY premiere of "Candice & Peter's Smokin' Hot Date… https://t.co/6XM03o1iUg
Thomas Wesson, Peter Sasaki, Kelly Perine & Marvin Glover at the NY premiere of "Candice & Peter's Smokin' Hot Date… https://t.co/5gqvIyXNnS
RT @CalifNewswire: Interview: ‘Sons of Anarchy’ actress Eileen Grubba on ‘Last Call at Murray’s’: It’s the… https://t.co/gwkIPjhq0U
RT @varanavage: @LastCallMurrays @MichaelGrossBiz Preordered tonight! Cannot wait to watch. Too bad I have to wait. So sucks!
RT @LastCallMurrays: #TBT Who didn't want #StevenKeaton as their dad?! Always loved @MichaelGrossBiz See a different side of him in… https://t.co/f5FCOnZWB4
Here's a BuzzFeed article spotlighting Paula Jai Parker from my new film "Last Call At Murray's". https://t.co/QFDMzr3a3t via @buzzfeeders
RT @thezspotradio: Written by our own @kellyslot! #music #songwriter #original #LA #Soundtrack https://t.co/SUKD5w4aaU
RT @LastCallMurrays: Aiming for that big day! We are only 1 week from going EVERYWHERE #ONDEMAND! #April18 #LastCallAtMurrays… https://t.co/UUjT9tsjVv
RT @Tribeca: This Tribeca doc takes a nostalgic look back at the radio station that brought artists like @JoanJett to the masses… https://t.co/mhO0Er35Fe
RT @kellyslot: Saturday April 22 @TheMintLa https://t.co/bsBlWpSIJt
RT @kellyslot: 'Thorn' is on the charts for Americana Country. https://t.co/nvJHwL72FD
RT @LastCallMurrays: What's going on at this bar?! Find out April 18! https://t.co/293W1Q8szs #LastCallAtMurrays @pjaiparker… https://t.co/fIROoF8vnc
RT @SeaSandEntert: Selling movies! https://t.co/Vv9wbD7Mb1
RT @LastCallMurrays: @eperickson as DR #TheBiker. See him in #LastCallAtMurrays - we guarantee you won't keep your eyes off of him!… https://t.co/Xvyxttp92B
RT @SeaSandEntert: This what happens when filmmakers from all around the world get together! https://t.co/FCkOvNbxMP
RT @TadDoyle_Tad: Very stoked for this. I have been working on this since last year. https://t.co/PHnRrAvSAh
RT @LastCallMurrays: #SelfieSunday is #SexySunday when you're #Skip ;) #LastCallAtMurrays #marine @LarsSlind https://t.co/tpzKCXzFjk
RT @DaveVescio: Life is short—think big! Do that thing that challenges and stretches you. You'll be so glad you did.
RT @TheAaronWolf: Back to school! #changeiscoming #Education #student #film @HowlingWolfProd @JohnCorcoranFDN @IndieWire https://t.co/qe5RHdfbBt
RT @LastCallMurrays: #ThankfulThursday Thanks for all the positive feedback #LastCallAtMurrays have gotten so far! Avail. on VOD April 1… https://t.co/YUsErKyKZT
RT @SeaSandEntert: Cannes class of 2017 Never forgotten. https://t.co/ckpOvOSNCU
RT @LastCallMurrays: Award winning film #LastCallAtMurrays EVERYWHERE ON VOD starting April 18! Pre-order to own or rent TODAY!… https://t.co/02VKz20X8E
RT @LastCallMurrays: #MusicMonday check out our music video #WithoutASong performed by the beautiful @pjaiparker. #LastCallAtMurrays… https://t.co/HsWUJryRBM
Sound check viva la France! https://t.co/bJrkABThtw
BuzzFeed Interview: Michael Gross Applauds Hollywood For Making A Movie For People About People https://t.co/1560Rl6dbQ via @buzzfeeders
A fun day at @WonderCon with my team #FilmCritic #Rizzi #TDB #WCA #WonderCon #fun https://t.co/n7cGPe9FJg
RT @LastCallMurrays: I-TUNES PRE-RELEASE NEWS!!! You can pre-order now on I-Tunes to get your very own copy of “Last Call at... https://t.co/GUl36uGYzn
I'm thrilled to announce that "Last Call At Murray's" featuring "No Last Call For Love" will be available "WORLDWID… https://t.co/PEaRiGuAeG
RT @LastCallMurrays: DISTRIBUTION NEWS!!! We are ecstatic to announce Last Call at Murray’s is being distributed in North America by... https://t.co/hIqO828tNY
It's official, I got my "Geek" pass for next weeks #Wondercon2017 #sdcc2017 https://t.co/bPDNEAte1U
RIP Chuck Berry! https://t.co/Lgi2WujDe6
Amazing news! "Downward Hiro" was just made an "Official Selection" for the Manhattan Film Festival.
So sad to hear of Bill Paxton's passing. Another Hollywood treasure has left us. R.I.P. Bill
I'm excited for this years Oscar's performers @TheAcademy @Lin_Manuel @auliicravalho @OfficialSting @jtimberlake @johnlegend you got this.
Thx again for another great show Grammy awards team. https://t.co/mRD6066vZn
Generous people of FLL. #hollywoodfloridafilmfestival https://t.co/fzgiP0xWkz
RT @dancingforward: The @directorsguild #awards were terrific, as always! Congratulations #damienchazelle for @LaLaLand! https://t.co/kfyrUsjsPr #awardseason
RT @IBFFNashville: Katherine Johnson, began high school at 10 yrs old, graduated at 14, finish her B.S. at 18. Started at NASA in 195… https://t.co/AgMgEPjS9V
RT @SeaSandEntert: Downward Hiro just received it's "Official Selection" laurel from the San Diego Black Film Festival. Here's to this… https://t.co/Lx1L0FmfkD
RT @SeaSandEntert: Everyone is free to move about the cabin. https://t.co/ypal0nBkIO
RT @bourbonroad: Miguel Ferrer Dies: ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ & ‘Crossing Jordan’ Star Was 61 https://t.co/vRbErGMb1z
Congrats to Kelly Perine for his Best Actor - Featurette win at the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema yesterday.
Two festivals in one day! Thank you Borrego Springs Film Festival. https://t.co/Imw8PIKxxV
Up to no good with director, Fran Stein at Idyllwild Intl Festival of Cinema. https://t.co/KSstjlCBWM
No one in a position of power should never attack someone that can not defend themselves Ever!
Bravo #MerylStreep for your amazing speech and putting everything in perspective.
Look how far we've come #CES2017 https://t.co/3QWPRauAxD
RIP Carrie Fisher, Gearge Michael & Mom.. It's been a rough year! :(
R.I.P. #AlanThick. Sending prayers to your family.
RT @LALGBTCenter: More than safe: Creating a school where LGBT students thrive https://t.co/SGZ3PslARB https://t.co/N4zC8df8n2
Got Films? You bet I do! On my way to #AFM2016. https://t.co/uCQDws6eYr
@IBFFNashville thanks for your hospitality. We had a great time! Can't wait to see what you have planned for next year!!
RT @samsteinhp: this is the most fantastic thing i’ve seen tonight. maybe this year https://t.co/JZPl6iUaJi
RT @IBFFNashville: See the thriller Downward Hiro, produced by @marvin_glover, starring @thephilmorris at #IBFF10 on Oct 10! Trailer:… https://t.co/CXgs4rLuCz
RT @gbantiquer: @brianstelter @Alfonso30717518 https://t.co/zwnx0n5fMt
RT @SlacktivistFred: Billy Bush is gonna lose his "Today" gig because we have higher standards for that job than for GOP presidential nominees.
@OfficialJLD Congratulations Julia! I'm also sending my condolences. I lost my mother on Friday as well. I'm so sorry for your loss.
RT @thezspotradio: Later this aft we'll be speaking 2 @marvin_glover about his original sing #nolastcallforlove from the film @LastCallMurrays! @LARadioStudio
Noon today I'll be doing an interview on The Z Spot Pod Cast regarding my song "No Last Call for Love" from the film Last Call At Murray's.
Producer Marvin Glover wActors Elina Madison & John Savage of Last Call At Murray's @BurbankI Intl Film Awards Gala. https://t.co/KNXHHOV1tn
I hear a symphony..... With Mary Wilson one of my favorite Supreme's. https://t.co/kj1l7uhymq
The video for "No Last Call For Love" was unveiled today. Watch the video below, which was directed by Todd Lien. https://t.co/psX2lOKvmR
Many thanks 2 @FilmFestBurbank 4 making @LastCallMurrays an official selection 4 2016. We look forward 2 seeing you! https://t.co/h3azwixoWM
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: @Wedlocked_Movie is screening at the #QFilm Festival in Long Beach on September 10th at 12:45 pm! #LGBTQ #indiefilm https://t.co/KeUULoXJJB
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/iL9GbhLdgO
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/udBa5pz4TL
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/xnOdRKZLmU
LIVE on #Periscope https://t.co/rIx1DUbGh9
Feeling excited for tomorrow's performance and music video premier. #Grammy #nolastcallforlove #LastCallAtMurrays #indiefilm
#ComicCon2016 never disappoints. https://t.co/MuZE3EyEMY
I am the captain NOW https://t.co/nKbUZcImlP
Always great to catch up with old friends @Comic_Con #SDCC2016 https://t.co/OGEKWYKjgt
@rfieldma kicking but on the Zoo! Nice job Ms. Field.
Marvin Glover, for the week ending July 12. You are #471 in the Pop charts. Thank You!
My trainer and I completed day 5 of the 22 day push-up challenge. To raise awareness of veteran suicide. https://t.co/zDFcAujVml
RT @Everytown: Show @RepJohnLewis and his colleagues your support by texting DEMAND ACTION to 644-33. #NoBillNoBreak https://t.co/h80msyTdkl
RT @cityandsand: Lovely birthday kick-off dinner last night with @WCombsAssoc & @marvin_glover at uber cool @industrielfarm #LA https://t.co/7ZBIU2OCdN
Happy 2 report "No Last Call For Love" is eligible 4 the 2017 Grammy Awards. Thx 2 all that supported the launch. https://t.co/yrVwS3YwJ5
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Our film @Wedlocked_Movie is playing #OutfestLA! See you in July! BUY TICKETS: https://t.co/tXF1OnGTTx https://t.co/FVXrHvjE2v
My heart is so heavy! Let people be people, let's live in harmony. We are with you good people of Orlando. #Orlando #PulseShooting
Just horrific.... #PrayForOrlando
Marvin Glover, for the week ending May 31 You are #668 in the Pop charts for Los Angeles, CA Beside myself.. Thanks to all of you!!!..
My heart is heavy, the @BigIslandFilm is finished and it's time to go. Thanks to everyone involved with the festival.
Just landed and excited for @BigIslandFilm #LCAM screening amongst others.
Congratulations to @pjaiparker for her best actress nomination! #LCAM #indiefilm @SmokyMtFilmFest https://t.co/xPXhDMZuhQ
Recouperating from last nights gig & feeling good about our 1st night out since the release of No Last Call For Love https://t.co/ektU2Ua2gT
#NoLastCallForLove is out NOW! Get your copy of this single now: on @Rhapsody https://t.co/QHU3Ph6uBW https://t.co/yEs7PB5FFL
RT @doibypr: Congrats to @marvin_glover on the release of his single "No Last Call for Love" from @LastCallMurrays on @iTunes! Go check it out!!!
#NoLastCallForLove" is available on iTunes. Get it now! Thx 4 your support. Happy Mothers Day! https://t.co/cJg4ovXJ91
Another here we go! Time to rock....#NoLastCallForLove https://t.co/AHxI2IW5eQ
Smile for the camera ;- ) https://t.co/77FbgG0xgG
May 13, 2016 https://t.co/0bzelgutLV at Dance Revolution... https://t.co/XSi0JKgwr3
Just 2 more weeks until @SmokyMtFilmFest. Looking forward to seeing this part of the country!! Thrilled for #NoLastCallforLove & #LCAM
3 more days until @marvin_glover #NoLastCallForLove comes out! DL on iTunes. https://t.co/AFxHqVwZQH
ABQ thx 4 da nice welcome 2 ur city. Downward Hiro screens 2night @ 7pm. We look 4ward to seeing you! https://t.co/MfXtMiDC07
#RIPDorisRoberts. I'm honored to have known you! https://t.co/xFflFY71rj
#GameofSilence lives up to the hype! Well done Everyone! I'm hooked
Pleased to announce an intimate gig for @FoFaGAcademy on May13th at @DanceRevVanNuys. If you’d like to come, visit https://t.co/AZBiCdV51S
Many thanks to @ABQFilmX for making “Downward Hiro” an official selection for 2016. We look forward to seeing you! https://t.co/8ClYPUUu51
Mahalo to @BigIslandFilm for making @LastCallMurrays an official selection for 2016. A great Easter present. https://t.co/GkyodOmFj5
Thanks again for inviting me to the party #LAIFFA. Always a pleasure to be here. https://t.co/ZcCukI1hBO
Many thanks to #LAIFFA for making The Traveler an official selection for 2016 & provding us an early Easter present. https://t.co/o70AQVtKLi
And we are all dolled up! https://t.co/yIDfxNwdTy
LA Premiere for "Last Call At Murray's" #LCAM #lastcallatmurrays #piff #pasadenainternationalfilmfestival #movie https://t.co/dAfqCGNgHR
On location shooting vintage aircrafts. https://t.co/hMsfFFP2qS
Still beaming after spending the day on set working with Mr. Bill Cobbs. Amazing!!!! https://t.co/SufQTcRDTN
The talented @KellyPerine delivered the goods yesterday. #Fun?the movie https://t.co/Zrn5MJVR0a
I just submitted "The Traveler" to @nbff via https://t.co/ecy0JyMLCL!
I just submitted "The Traveler" to @hollyshorts via https://t.co/ecy0JyMLCL! Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
David Bowie was one of my most important role models. He changed my life and I'm grateful. R.I.P. You're my Hero! https://t.co/klWhkVxIXE
@allthingsSD show us what you got! :-)
The force be with you! https://t.co/S7AyohZBax
#happyplugs look forward to collaborating with you.
Pandora founder @timwestergren and @NickCannon Gave a great panel @ #CES2016 https://t.co/8GZDlaGGUT
Thanks to @timwestergren & @NickCannon for the Q&A today at CES.
Under attack by children. #holidaylaughter https://t.co/zIIbP7rC2r
First snow fight of the season! https://t.co/PmGVnkLBuS
It's tonight!!!! We are all totally beside ourselves...with @LymanEllerman A good time was had by all. https://t.co/lGlvceecWS
On the red carpet for the screening of Last Call At Murraty's. https://t.co/6TgCFBaWvS
Nov 06, 2015 https://t.co/0bzelgcSnl at Majestic Crest Theatre... https://t.co/ldtewUlOqk
Headed over 2 rehearse for 2nites "spectacular" with Greg & Charlie, Kelly, Perry and Lyman!!! Can NOT wait!! https://t.co/ozsPNhcNuO
@Variety wow! Gone to soon. RIP Fred
Only two weeks to go and both Greg and I are getting excited! https://t.co/fZ9MAShL7g
Only two weeks to go and both Greg and I are getting excited! https://t.co/Zz4lmqVhSz
Only two weeks to go and both Greg and I are getting excited!
Valley Film Festival screening for Our Father. W/@joanblair & @julia_silverman & Colleen Keane https://t.co/tSoHudDeIo
@bourbonroad Now I know why we were politely asked to leave the establishment. It was actually 4 @Last_Call_At_Murray's_Film @thehotelcafe
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Exciting news! We've been selected 2 compete in the #LGBT category of #TheBestShorts int'l #film awards competition! https://t.co/7P4mHTOoLz
The wait is finally over! #Wedlocked is COMING TO THE BIG SCREEN!!! Check out the trailer... https://t.co/6LVdiswkZJ
@pjaiparker I'm looking forward to seeing you at the premier of #LastCallAtMurray @pjaiparker
I love working with positive people. It makes my job easy. https://t.co/duI7FXaeoo
@bourbonroad @Our_Father_Film Thanks Joe!
Happy Birthday to me... Come see our film along with some other amazing films. https://t.co/Bd7v8OMv7Y
Hey Ron, I'm booked up today but tomorrow looks good to meet up. Safe travels. https://t.co/CgZo0UhPbb
Just posted a photo https://t.co/ErjjqVKMrY
Just posted a photo https://t.co/Y3U4euO72w
Just posted a photo https://t.co/z0Z9JsLnQM
Having a good time with my friends and colleagues at the Burbank International Film Festival. @ The… https://t.co/W4kDUWZipM
Looking forward to working with Lance Henriksen. @ Los Angeles, California https://t.co/slADHYPSWA
Still taking in @violadavis acceptance speech. Bold, honest and on point.
@ScottWalker needs some new talking points. Blah, blah, blah
RT @ofvoid: #GOPdebate exit polling: Trump: 28% Fiorina: 21% Burrito: 6% Walker: Stapler Reagan: 4LIFE Airplane: 36%
RT @asketchyfish: I missed the debate, but apparently I should vote for this guy Reagan. #GOPDdebate
RT @bourbonroad: Another great shot of @marvin_glover taken by my wife Katie yesterday at @thehotelcafe ! http://t.co/S5tibb96J3
RT @bourbonroad: . @marvin_glover at @thehotelcafe ! http://t.co/SOKTHhZNxI
RT @johnlegend: How do you get to say you kept America safe when you presided during 9/11? That's a major asterisk
@pjaiparker for president. https://t.co/C4wGePmpR0
@ScottWalker can't answer a direct question during the #GOPdebate the field just narrowed, your fired.
Interesting point @LindseyGrahamSC However, English isn't our national language. So that argument does not hold H2O https://t.co/bZC7VW38gz
Interesting kiddie table debate. @BobbyJindal taking his last gasp of air. Bobby your fired.
"Our Father" gets theatrical release help create some buzz & qualify 4 Best Short Film #oscarbuzz #ourfathershortfilm http://t.co/QNLGO0wqGT
Added a new video: "The Traveler" http://t.co/pS5XTs3IQq #video
Marvin Glover has a show on 08/09/2015 at 02:00 PM @ The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA http://t.co/AQpJtUonHe #concert
We look forward to seeing everyone @theHotelCafe, Sunday, Aug. 9th in Los Angeles, CA at Doors open at 2 PM https://t.co/j6RBt48E4e
Marvin Glover - Unplugged Showcase & Film Event - Hotel Cafe 8-9-15 https://t.co/WCQ991UR7c via @YouTube
LOS ANGELES! See Marvin Glover live at The Hotel Cafe! SUNDAY, AUG. 9th w/Kelly's Lot. Tickets are available at: Hotel Cafe
I’m happy to announce and share my new music video for #TheTraveler. Watch the full video for "The Traveler" here: https://t.co/QyexleLCPv
@sddialedin @DarrensVan It was a pleasure to meet you both as well. Please keep in touch!
Longlivecomics #livewebtoon
RT @sddialedin: it was lovely to meet you, @marvin_glover ! with @DarrensVan on the step&repeat http://t.co/kFax23G0vj
@Wedlocked_Movie @shelliboone @WhitneyMixterLA @therealPuppett @QuirkyChristine @AllyIseman @seedandspark
At #ComicCon2015 #HBD
Posted a new song: "I Speak, I Move On" http://t.co/EVRiMkunyg #music
Jerry Weintraub was a giant in the entertainment biz -- producing, promoting, & managing for everyone from Sinatra to Zeppelin. R.I.P.
Aug 09, 2015 http://t.co/0bzelgutLV at The Hotel Cafe... http://t.co/oitxMvBemd
Marvin Glover will perform at The Hotel Cafe, in Los Angeles, Sunday, August 9th with special guest to be announced. http://t.co/k12AufrxOy
A clever message post #SCOTUS ruling. https://t.co/1lMfz65vcG
New single from Marvin Glover coming soon! http://t.co/mq1JIGrap0
Happy Birthday Michael, Here's to celebrating you! https://t.co/3nTTwT09X7
I just voted to help a cause I care about get a $25K #SFNeighborhoodAssist grant! Vote now if you want to help too! http://t.co/MXS7UKhMw6
#RIPLouisJohnson, you showed me how the bass guitar was supposed to sound and you set the bar forever as to what the standard should be.
@DancingABC Finale! Go team Rumor and Val. http://t.co/FpMRMo4pdg
RT @EileenGrubba: Here we go! Our pilot got picked up for NBC. Get ready for the scariest character you've ever seen me play! :) http://t.co/9vWhln9HHR
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Here's a Behind-the-Scenes shot of @shelliboone (SYDNEY) on camera. Can't wait to be back on the set! #LGBTQ #setlife http://t.co/FA8qt1MOCn
Big day today! Principle photography begins on Wedlocked the movie. Wish us luck!
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We are thrilled to announce that the incredible @sally_kirkland will join us as ROZ & can't wait to work with her! http://t.co/6ek81dPBah
We are pleased to announce that Sally Kirkland has been cast in the role of Roz for our film @Wedlocked_Movie http://t.co/aikUvXV6Uw
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We only need 106 more @seedandspark followers to get distribution, so pls FOLLOW us at http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35! #LGBTQ http://t.co/rMU4xPGIRs
Wedlocked the movie is nearing the finish line. Lets make this movie. Let keep the conversation going @seedandspark https://t.co/LgaDrgIxnO
Wedlocked in its final day of it's crowd-funding campaign. We need your help getting across the finish line. $1 helps @http://bit.ly/1yoxVXs
Love movies? Me too! Let's make one! @seedandspark Check out http://t.co/aC5qLJejPq and help keep the conversation going. 1 day left,
Last Day of the campaign and all is well. Thanks 4 following us through this process and thanks for your support. https://t.co/CKPbMf9ZYi
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We're more than halfway to our @seedandspark goal!!! Thank u! Help us reach our finish line! http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35! http://t.co/AJJFLhbBQb
I love movies. So do you. Let's make one! Help keep the conversation going & follow us on @seedandspark #wedlocked https://t.co/GoCJVChCAo
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Just a reminder to FOLLOW us on our @seedandspark page at http://t.co/0qQqgZNirF! We need 500 to get distribution! http://t.co/fQPn92IRNb
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We're crazy close to our 8K @seedandspark mark! Be a part of our film & contribute at http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35! http://t.co/GisDDYPiqc
RT @maxHsilverman: .@marvin_glover you really nailed it with the incentives :) Follow @Wedlocked_Movie & http://t.co/7uz8bgamlg! http://t.co/QoQ2zZt6zF
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: So, who's having lunch (& maybe wine?) w/ @turnerguinevere? Go to http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35 & make your "reservation"! http://t.co/Nu18Wdi7Mx
Very happy, but exhausted! I learned a lot. Now I need 2 go 2 my yoga class 2 get centered thx again.@seedandspark https://t.co/ujTgmSzJkt
There is only 1 hour left on the #DownwardHiro film campaign on @seedandspark Thx 4 helping us get this film made. http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH
LUV yoga, LUV organized crime, check out R #shortfilm #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH 4 hours left
Love yoga and organized crime? Me too. Check out and support Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPPgEh 5 HRS
Yoga's about centering the body with the mind. Checkout and support #DownwardHiro at http://t.co/qRcQbPPgEh
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We hit our 7K @seedandspark goal last night! We still need YOU, so pls go to http://t.co/0qQqgZNirF & contribute! http://t.co/roO4gLtThr
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Our @seedandspark campaign is close to the 7K mark! We need some #Divine intervention! Go to http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35! http://t.co/gF4YUrDpwj
RT @bourbonroad: Help @kellyperine47 @marvin_glover and @BrytInHollywood out! http://t.co/lSKAO34ffm http://t.co/7QkzbouYLh
RT @pjaiparker: #catchthewave #Californiabeauty🏄🏽 https://t.co/G9SQt6BbMu
We've been calming R minds and bodies. Checkout and support Kelly Perine's #shortfilm #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark. http://t.co/PDFR6rePct
Love yoga and organized crime? Me 2. Check out and support Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/HxwjxRLUG1
Love movies? Then lets make one! Be part of the #DownwardHiro team and make some #moviemagic @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH 2 mor days
RT @JillArmenante: Thanks @UCLASoftball Hazel had a great time singing #starspangledbanner. Amazing game! http://t.co/f9pvMDyL4a
Love yoga & organized crime? Then checkout and support @kellyperine47 film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/ID0aiEQt83 3 days left
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We have a delicious new incentive: Lunch w/ @turnerguinevere! Go to http://t.co/0qQqgZvH35 & grab lunch w/ Guin! http://t.co/rhJr6vNhX0
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Yes, we're a little bit delirious during our late behind-the-scenes #production meeting, but we love it! Progress! http://t.co/syEYeEfiwO
RT @bourbonroad: http://t.co/lSKAO34ffm 6 days left, people! Help @kellyperine47 @marvin_glover and @BrytInHollywood make it happen! #supportindiefilm
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: Check out @afterellen's funny interview w/ @turnerguinevere & @therealPuppett abt #gaydivorce! http://t.co/U2Gi7vI80O http://t.co/gpjCKsadVN
Last Call at Murray's teaser is now here on YouTube https://t.co/StdWL1tzjV
Allow me to introduce the teaser for our latest feature film @LastCallMurrays Where Cheers meets the Breakfast Club http://t.co/39D819Ui2T
Loving @seedandspark right now. Everything's on track and we're excited 2 bring Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro to a screening local soon
Man tries 2 escape his life of crime. But his demons follow! Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro @seedandspark tells us http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH
"Love yoga and organized crime? Me too! Check out and support Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH
RT @EthanMcDowell12: Flashback Ollie meets The Arrow @amellywood @CW_Arrow #Arrow #ArrowCW #StephenAmell #GreenArrow https://t.co/6YbaPj1PIE
"Love yoga and organized crime? Me too. Check out and support Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPPgEh
My buddy Aaron is hard at work... just like me! https://t.co/2636SMBNa7
WE R ALMOST 1/2WAY 2 R GOAL.. THX 4 HELPING US GET THERE! Check out Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPPgEh
"Love yoga and organized crime? Me too. Check out and support Kelly Perine's film #DownwardHiro on @seedandspark http://t.co/qRcQbPPgEh
RT @Wedlocked_Movie: We're sealing the deal! Pls go to http://t.co/gJBvAWYEQB to VOTE for us for @indiewire's Project of the Week! http://t.co/YvRNHholte
WE R OFF TO THE PRESTIGES CANNE FILM FESTIVAL. We R 1 of 22 films showcased at Cannes #AmericanPavilionEmergingFilmmakerShowcase #grateful
Thanks for your support! https://t.co/MYDUkIC0eN
Hey all my East Coast friends please take a moment to all vote for Wedlocked for IndieWire Project of the Week! http://t.co/PS1q0aRnku
RT @AllyIseman: I voted in the poll: Which Project Do You Most Want to See? @Wedlocked_movie http://t.co/vCkHwD1V7f via @polldaddy
VOTE for @Wedlocked_Movie, now funding on S&S, to be Project of the Week on @indiewire! http://t.co/uea7vkHExW https://t.co/Ij9jBpIRyf
The IndieWire Project of the Week competition is live! Plz stop by and give us a nomination. Thx! Team Wedlocked https://t.co/J65EXDt0GI
Ready to get your #Coachella on? Hozier, Fitz & the Tantrums and Alabama Shakes, it's gonna be hot. http://t.co/EvC7d3G42O
Posted a new song: "The Traveler" http://t.co/0yJwPU4aFd #music
Praying for #WalterScott's family. Heartbreaking & too familiar. We can do better - rebuild trust, reform justice system, respect all lives.
Love movies? Then lets make one! Be part of the Downward Hiro team and make some #moviemagic here: http://t.co/mV0wB3hC8L #supportindiefilm
We've got some exciting things planned, but we still need ur help get this film done! Help get this movie made! http://t.co/mV0wB3hC8L
We are back from a another busy weekend of work and play. Saw a great film, drank some good gin and ate some stellar food. Happy Bday RDJ
#DownwardHiro enters into post production. We're so close. We won't make it w/o ur help http://t.co/qRcQbPxFfH http://t.co/NKTl5oQ21H
Happy Easter Everyone! #pits #mypit #myfamily #family #lovemylife #trust #pitshavingfun #pitbulls #dog #lovemydog http://t.co/OY41o8LJl3
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Reflections of a hero. Has anyone ever witnessed somebody getting hit by a car? #shock #fear #compassion http://t.co/7tiND2ewsH
Yoga practice teaches balancing the hard & the soft. We can't force it or can we? Watch #DownwardHiro #shortfilmto find out.
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@ThePlaylist We've been calming R mind & body. We R happy 2 report we're back 2 work. #yogaeverywhere #flexibility #DownwardHiro #shortfilm
We've been calming R minds & bodies. Glad 2 report we're back. #yogaeverywhere #flexibility #downwardhiro #shortfilm http://t.co/weWvi3UHZL
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We just finished a beautiful new song "No Last Call For Love" for the movie #LastCallAtMurray's, directed by Linda Palmer-Cardone. MG
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A man tries to escape his life of crime. But will his demons follow him? Join the @marvin_glover #DownwardHiro team! http://t.co/Qf5Vq9rIf1
@eperickson @TraderJoes2 Not a back choice. Only Calories 55, but a little high in the sodium department.
@eperickson What are you having for lunch?
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Wedlocked the movie is moving ahead. This will be a fun project. Thanks to everyone involved.
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RT @ThinkTenMedia: First love, a downward spiral & stories of solitary confinement. All on @seedandspark! @marvin_glover @ThinkTenMedia http://t.co/Gb2j1IgiQP
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Our new website is live! RT if you like what you see: http://t.co/GGno7C493n #OurNewWebsite #downwardhiro #seasandentertainment
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@Wedlocked_movie @goatmilkfudge @therealPuppett @kellyperine47 @AllyIseman
@Kittensinacage hot dam so happy
@sadiealexandru so happy for you!
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#Enjoy this #originalsong from @LastCallMurrays written by @kellyslot and sung by @pjaiparker #indiefilmmaking http://t.co/2VcEsI06DT
Happy to announce that the first song from our movie. Paula Jai Parker - "Without A Song" #lastcallatmurrays
What a wonderful evening! Thank you "Lady O" and team. Feeling grateful. Wes Anderson at the bar with me! Love The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Kids are off limits period. Shame on you! #ElizabethLauten. #resignEL
@SelinaHuether Hello
Having fun in the pool while filming my new music video "Walk on Water" http://t.co/t2MqzRbp4A
I love Dropbox because I helps me share files with friends and colleagues. https://t.co/ldYn8bmDTO
Watch Fashion Rock's on CBS tomorrow night as new fall trends meet the season's hottest beats. It's going to be a great night at Barclay Ctr
Again I'm at a loss for words... RIP @Joan_Rivers You made a huge impact.
Roger Rabbit creator Gary K. Wolf will have collector items will be sent out to lucky fans Sunday on his Facebook page.
http://t.co/DHrMVFZUFz The creator of Roger Rabbit, has a new animated series about a wolf detective.
@TinaDesireeBerg @allthingsSD @marvin_glover yahoo! Just got my release notice from Betty Ford... Just in time for Comic Con.
@TinaDesireeBerg @allthingsSD @marvin_glover @Comic_Con okay u r killing me! My liver is just fine.
Getting pumped for Comic Con! I look forward to seeing everyone.
MARVIN GLOVER STUDIO UPDATE #5: http://t.co/4Jym8bgM45 via @YouTube
I lost so much weight with this secret trick! http://t.co/6nG5ZSWjEn
MARVIN GLOVER STUDIO UPDATE #4: http://t.co/Zy470mcueD via @YouTube
MARVIN GLOVER STUDIO UPDATE #3: http://t.co/vdnYrX48z5 via @YouTube
MARVIN GLOVER STUDIO UPDATE #2: http://t.co/9YJhiWuSUi via @YouTube
MARVIN GLOVER STUDIO UPDATE #1: http://t.co/qgcD4qaGXs via @YouTube
What a blow to learn about #philipseymourhoffman just tragic. R.I.P.
Beyond Ordinary. Goodbye Nelson Mandela and thank you, you will be missed.
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