NAMM is back! I’m jetlag Johnny today. Doug is the walking wounded. It’s been a wild few weeks. Good to be back… https://t.co/I796vx3VDU
We are thrilled to announce that Red Gate Sessions will be making its Pasadena, California Premiere later this mont… https://t.co/XJKG8TUzx3
RT @PeterSasaki: Very much this 👇 #FlightAttendantDay #Aviation #Travel
Hello! Huge thanks to Mr. Lionel Ritchie for your kindness and generosity last night. Congratulations on your ind… https://t.co/x5681InNlp
Happy Birthday Ray Parker, Jr. Here’s to celebrating you! https://t.co/F5x8aUQ1Mp
Today, I'm joining the @RecordingAcademy and raising the voices behind the music to fight for the fair compensation… https://t.co/iPUAECkr3O
Happy Birthday Brian! Here’s to celebrating you. The world is a better place with guitar gods and great humans lik… https://t.co/qyz7cFHm9X
Happy Birthday to one of the coolest cats I know and a fine drummer. Looking forward to our summer shows Doug Feas… https://t.co/R4nVZbKr3t
On my way to the Grammys with Trustee Dave Gross and his lovely wife. https://t.co/kBGCJGwHC6
Cheers to my Red Gate Sessions family #grammys #Vegas https://t.co/ZSjg5RnlMR
Sending a hello and a wave! Thanks for the hospitality #BSFF https://t.co/CVf0GFoN7T
Amazing news! Red Gate Sessions was just selected by The Northern Virginia International Film & Music Festival and… https://t.co/mSUvYqN5mt
Red Gate Sessions has been included to The NOVA FEST ARTIST CIRCLE. This honor is in addition of being an Official… https://t.co/nUsb5Gfwzj
The Destiny City Film Festival virtual screening party for “Red Gate Sessions” was a success! Thanks to our host a… https://t.co/Q4DrBvRamK
Fun night out with Emmett Adler and of course… The gracious Sean Baker. Thanks for sharing your art with us.… https://t.co/P3ELi3UZSw
Red Gate Sessions is coming to Washington State, Friday, Feb. 25th. Tix are $9 and $7 for seniors. This virtual s… https://t.co/Tg39ELuPmB
It’s really going to happen this year. Las Vegas here we come! #grammys https://t.co/E185pMIHrR
Happy National Guitar Day. 2.11.22 https://t.co/xvtnGd0utq
Our #RedGateSessions team has been nominated by @IdyllwildCinemaFest for the Best New Media Award.  #grateful… https://t.co/ZPWYramJxm
Thanks @roffeke for the wonderful write up. I’m beyond grateful to the ROFFEKE Rock 'n' Roll Film Festival, Kenya.… https://t.co/pNcB3xjjHI
A few great moments captured today and my acoustic guitar made its film debut. #Lola #fenderguitars #filmmaking… https://t.co/l2zs5v58qz
Reflecting on good times with Don Wilson. What a class act! May you rest easy. #theVentures #rocknroll… https://t.co/CTb3ecIBjG
Today I am toasting the man responsible for me picking up the guitar. Rest in Power Don Wilson. https://t.co/todwPjfJSF
Twenty One Pilots singer/frontman Tyler Joseph came fully prepared to entertain the crowd this evening at the L.A.… https://t.co/ArY5RgLlyN
RT @QasimRashid: If Marsha Blackburn is upset that one of Biden's Black judicial nominees got a speeding ticket in 2010—wait until she find…
A man of many first… another entertainment giant has left us. May he Rest In Peace. https://t.co/f28X9zqm0Q
Be A Betty not a Karen https://t.co/KPjh0OH4w6
The First Quarter of 2022 is going to be busy for #RedGateSessions! Thanks to all of the supporters and congratula… https://t.co/iqTmwI6dse
What a remarkable human being.  What a wonderful life! Betty White is the Gold Standard.  May she be welcomed to he… https://t.co/TUfLgA9nBm